Monday, December 2, 2013


Another 100 word story (that's a day late!), would have been up earlier writing but drank a bit too much Jack and coke at the free bar during the wedding.  I have a story for Monday but it still doesn't feel right when I read it aloud, so I might tweak that up a bit before posting.  It's been nothing but writing, a lot of drafts that need more tweaking.  

I should really be studying for my Physics 2 finals.  But... one last family dinner before my brother leaves for California.  I hope you enjoy this piece on my take on time and relativity.  


Oh... before I leave.  I got two stories up on an e-zine "The Woven Tales Press"  Check them out and the other writers that have their stories on it.  I'm enjoying my Monday after seeing my stories being shared in an e-zine.

12/01/2013 (Sunday)- 3:05

I got stuck on I-75 driving to a wedding.
The Florida winter was warm, but cool compared to her summer.  NPR was playing talking about Holiday Food and diets.  The driver beside me was nodding off—he must have been listening to a classical piece, or an audiobook on Space-time continuum and relativity, or something just as heavy.
I drum my fingers on the wheel.  Smoke a cig.  Chew gum.  Pinch my leg.
It feels as though I’ve been stuck forever behind this yellowing beetle.  Creeping behind it.  Wasting time.  Handicapped by his emissions.

I look at the time.