Sunday, November 10, 2013

Watch the News...

Another 100 word storytelling for the day, well not really a story more of a 100 word rant.  I find it hard to accept some of the things that people do after watching the news, the acts of violence that people would wrought.  

Where have we gone wrong?  Keeps playing in my head at each article in the paper, at each reporting on the 9 o'clock news. 

Sure there are good news, it's not always bad.  The tally today (like every other day) is in favor of violence and hate.  

This is a 100 word rant story(?).  I'll just vent it out and get right back to a proper 100 word storytelling soon.  Sorry if it offends/upsets anyone.  


11/10/2013 (Sunday)- Watch the News…

…there’s no better way to ruin your day.

A boyfriend throwing his girlfriend’s baby out the car during traffic because of an argument, another mass shooting at yet another school, sexual harassment in police departments, bombings, chemical weapons, hate and violence… the list goes on.

9 o’clock news, bringing you LIVE the ever present sign of the ruin of men wrought by our own hands.  An electric visible symbol of our degradation now available on your handheld device as an app, don’t miss it.

Don’t miss it.  That’s their tagline.

An opiate hashtag to lull our moral sense to sleep.