Friday, November 22, 2013


Another old 100 word story update, I wrote this while I was at San Francisco July-August.  It was a fantastic place to write, for some reason it was non-stop writing and reading, I felt charged up for some reason (must have been all the Chinese and Japanese food).  


08/04/2013 (Sunday)- Sunglasses

“Take a jacket, and umbrella,” my brother told me as I stepped out of the door, “San Francisco is notorious for her micro climates.”

“Micro climates?”

He smiled as he picked up his sunglasses, “You’ll see.”

As soon as I stepped out I was hit by the cold wind, I cocooned myself further into the jacket. After a few blocks it began to rain cats and dogs, I opened up the umbrella that he gave me. As we neared his office the sun came out beating us down with his intolerable heat.

“Sorry, I didn’t have extra sunglasses,” he said.