Thursday, November 28, 2013

Downfall by Apple Pie

Another 100 word story update for Thanksgiving!  This story popped up... well... because I just stole a slice of apple pie while I type (I'm sure they'll forgive me).  

It's a very light story, and I thought it would be fun with how everybody will be trying to steal samples from the kitchen today.  I'll be doing a double-shift today and tomorrow, so the number of posts and stories will be just once per day seeing as how I'll need to fit in study time for finals.  

This story is dedicated to the art of Food Thievery, and to my fellow just-one-taste food burglars.  May your edible heists go well, and may your delectable thievery skills be legendary this day.  


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11/28/2013 (Thursday)- Downfall by Apple Pie

You might think I’m to blame.  That it’s all my fault.

Well, you’re wrong.

I blame the baker.  For making that crust crisp, golden, and buttery.

I blame her helpers.  For slicing the apples just right—not too thin, not too thick.

I blame the pie.  For really he’s the snake- while I played the part of Eve- playing on my weakness, tempting me with sweet juicy lies smothered in scoops of vanilla.

Plus, I didn’t ruin Thanksgiving by eating all that pie.  I saved your arteries and lives, feel free to thank me any time you want.

You’re welcome.