Thursday, October 24, 2013

Keep That Needle Away From Me

An old 100 word story getting updated.  The new 100 word story is still cooking on the burner, will bring it out and put it up to read as soon as it's ready.  For now, please enjoy this story that perfectly captures what I was doing last night as I edited the layout and changes for the blog.  

P.S.  No one was injured after writing the story... I think.

04/07/2013- Keep That Needle Away From Me

My brain sits percolating in my skulls closed off pickling juice.  The wires have crossed somewhere, somehow.  It’s past the limit I’ve set for myself, twenty-four hours only I said.  I’ve gotta stop and rest.  Close my eyes.

Open a new can of Rockstar.

Work in a few hours, been up writing, deleting, rewriting, deleting.  I think I need to buy more Rockstar and Red Bull.  I might kill someone later making meds…

It’s ok.  Statistically three people die daily in the hospital.


Take a sip.

My eyes feel dry.  

I think hair is growing out of my tongue.