Saturday, October 26, 2013

Brother's Keeper: Visceral

Another 100 word story but... *gasp!*... not my own!  This is done by my friend Webster Arayata who actually finished his studies and became a Pharmacist while I am still mucking about (and actually found that I preferred writing over legal drug pushing) in my life.  

He's an amazing writer, and I think that it's because of him that I pushed myself to do more.  To reach deeper, to do better.  I think if it wasn't because of him and the writing group I was in at the time I wouldn't have grown as a writer/storyteller.  

So this isn't my story, this is his and is part of the "Brother's Keeper" story.  

Even though they may not see this post I want to dedicate it to the three people that pushed me to do better, to write more, to reach deeper.  

Pawl, Missy, and Webster.  Thanks very much.  

Ok.  Enough with the feels.  Enjoy this wonderful 100 word story by my awesome friend (who plays way too much dota, and is single by the way).  

2 Doctor:  Visceral

      Lightning flashes illumine me from behind and cast shadows in my room. Heavy winds moan against the walls to the accompaniment of sonorous thunder, melding into an unearthly resonance of deep wails and majestic booms. The raging tempest complements and amplifies my irate mood.

      Curse the heads of the institution! Cowards and fools – all of them! So set are they in their ways and beliefs that they refuse to see reason and potential for progress!

      Science understands the value of sacrifice. I have dispatched a man to gather what I need. And soon, he shall return with his sepulchral harvest.