Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Tattered White Shirt

Spent time with a friends and we talked about religion:  A Catholic, a Muslim, and an Atheist.  It almost sounds like the start of a bar joke, but it isn't, it was a friendly discourse of just comparing what works in our religion and what isn't working in this time and age.  

One of the greatest shames for me would be the cases of child abuse that the Priests have not been called to answer for.  I respect and like the new Pope more than the previous one, but I feel that there are more things that he can do to fix that problem, and the views that the world has regarding the Catholic Church.  

That's basically how this story came about.  I'm really not that religious, and I hate bringing up religion and discussing it (except with close friends), but this topic I feel needs to be brought up.  Children need to be defended and fought for, they need to be protected.  What happens when men of the cloth take advantage and abuse them?  What happens to their belief? 

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10/26/2013 (Saturday)- A Tattered White Shirt

Kevin picked up his belief, a tattered white shirt, for tomorrow was Sunday.

It wasn’t that he stopped believing that it became tattered, he still believed, he was raised to believe.

To pray when told.  To bow your head when told.  To kneel when told.

To always listen to the Priest.

No matter what.

His hands shook remembering his sacristan days.  When his shirt was still white and new, not tattered and patched by the deeds of reprobate Shepard’s of Men.

He checked the patches made by a seven year old boy.

Tomorrow is Sunday.  He put on his belief.