Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bad Luck, From Sancho of La Mancha, Keep That Needle Away From Me

A late story.  Been suffering from a migraine.  Tried to call in sick at work but the Big Boss told me that he needed me and he couldn't afford to let me rest.  I don't know if I should be happy that I'm needed, or sad that I couldn't get a break to rest.  

I'll be posting the one for Thursday very soon, and apparently I'm running out of extra 100 stories to post along with the new 100 daily's I've been writing up!  Oh noes!

As usual, please enjoy my stories and writing.  If you feel that you know someone who would enjoy these little stories of mine feel free to share them.  

09/04/2013 (Wednesday)-  Bad Luck

A bad luck cat came up to me at the park where I was escaping society.  He hopped onto the bench, and in a voice of black clouds and thunder he told me a story.

For a price. 

“No, thank you.” I said, tired of cats and their mysterious ways. 

It’s non-negotiable.  You were meant to hear this.

He padded close and purred softly in my ears.  I couldn’t understand what he spoke at the start, but as we got to the end I became fluent in cat. 

At the end, we had switched. 

The bad luck man and I.

11/24/2012 - From Sancho of La Mancha

Mi dios! That old fool has done it again! I heard he was off his wagon, but I was hoping it wasn’t true. Jobs are so very hard to find these days...

I heard of the incident at the inn from Maria, where he harried people with his craziness. Then the bruises I saw on him a few days ago, his niece telling me that he fell down the stairs (I know how a man looks after a fight!).

Now I have to figure out how to get him down from the windmill! It’s not a giant! Hijo de puta!

04/07/2013- Keep That Needle Away From Me

My brain sits percolating in my skulls closed off pickling juice.  The wires have crossed somewhere, somehow.  It’s past the limit I’ve set for myself, twenty-four hours only I said.  I’ve gotta stop and rest.  Close my eyes. 

Opens a new can of Rockstar. 

Work in a few hours, been up writing, deleting, rewriting, deleting.  I think I need to buy more Rockstar and Red Bull.  I might kill someone later making meds…

It’s ok.  Usually three people die daily in the hospital.  YOLO.  Take a sip. 

My eyes feel dry.  I think hair is growing out of my tongue.