Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We Domesticated Apes

Another 100 word story.

I only realized how popular survivalist shows are lately, I usually stick to The Food Channel network (cause I have a fatty inside me) and my usual dose of comedy.

Pretty much a play on monkey see, monkey do.


*picture is originally from http://www.babelsdawn.com/babels_dawn/scenarios/page/2/

05/14/2014 (Thursday)- We Domesticated Apes

          We were watching TV over dinner:  a grocery bought rotisserie chicken, a pint of wild mushroom soup, and a gallon of Arizona raspberry ice tea.  A proper domesticated dinner.

          We were watching a survivalist show: about a man living in a swamp trying to build a tree house, another living in the forest, and a couple learning to live the homestead life.  We watched them suffer and starve.  We began tearing into the chicken.

          They’re mad! we whispered.

          As the show ended, the bones cleaned, the soup pot empty.  We all ended at the same conclusion.

          “We could do that.”