Thursday, May 22, 2014

Don't Forget the Wine

Another 100 word story.

Been getting the crazy shifts at work, as well as covering people calling in sick.  Been wanting to write but my knoggin' has been running on empty with my sleep cycle so mixed up bouncing around from morning, evening, and overnight shifts.  I still have eight days to go left from this 14 days straight of work, so sorry for not updating, sleep and laundry has been more of a priority.

And wine.  I've been drinking a lot more of that for "healthy" reasons.  Plus that there was a sale on my favorite at the wine warehouse nearby.

More days to make up.

Enjoy this story of me trying to forget.

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04/19/2014 (Sunday)- Don’t Forget the Wine

          I came to this river, on the advice of a wise Greek wino from Tarpon Springs Florida.  Unsolicited advice over savatiano wine, pocket change, cigarettes, ego, and life.  I was empty at the time, so any advice became good advice especially when your at the bottom of a dry well.

          He told me about the river Lethe, one sip and you’d forget everything, be a whole different man.  He just conveniently forgot where exactly—somewhere north, maybe.

          I laughed at first.  Drunk talk.

          What could I lose?

          I was, after all, looking for change.

          Hoping to forget all about you.