Saturday, February 22, 2014

Weak Willed Words

Another 100 word story.

Will be playing catch up as usual, exams are harder this semester than I actually thought and have devoted all my time into school than doing some real good-god-I-need-to-get-them-out writing.

Since I've been under a lot of stress with school and being called in to cover people calling in sick, I think I'm going to let my feelings seep into everything just a bit to get it all out.

Enjoy... I guess?

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02/19/2014 (Wednesday)- Weak Willed Words

               My days have become a routine of mundane numbers and weak willed words.  The piles of books I want to read untouched, covered by dust, while the stack of textbooks I have to read just continue to increase despite all my reading time. 

               It’s been a lot of giving up of time, of life, of family, and I’ve been wondering… feeling… this nagging doubt that’s been creeping in my dreams and now my waking life. 

               Is it worth it? 

               The race never really ends.

               The hours seem longer, the days even shorter.

               …and I’m starting not to feel a thing.