Monday, November 18, 2013

Last Minute Cramming

Another 100 word storytelling finally caught up.  I was worried that I might be posting one again after work tonight, but this just simply flowed from first sentence to end.  

This is dedicated to all those studying for finals, and working part-time/full-time as well.  Keep it up!  I know you can do it.  


11/18/2013 (Monday)- Last Minute Cramming

Into an empty head they’re poured:  a mixture of names, dates, and formulae.  Past the brim, overflowing, the calcium cork giving way to breaking.

Don’t stop.  Keep pouring.

They leaked out, slow at first, taking shape as they floated about—looking for their books to return home, only to be squeezed out and poured back again.  Past the brim, overflowing, numbers and letters falling out of eyes and ears.

Don’t stop.  Keep pore-ing.

Into an empty head they swim:  an amalgam of gibberish, scrawls, and doodles.  Blank-page books scattered about on floor and desk…

…don’t stop.  Keep bore-ing.

Keep pouring.