Friday, October 25, 2013

Cheap Rental

Didn't think I'd get it up in time today, usually I have these up by the morning for everyone to enjoy.  

This came about while playing with a rubick's cube, and yes I do know there's a pattern to solve it but I enjoy just mucking about with it to solve it.  It's one of my time-wasting pleasures.  

I wondered (as I was mucking about) what would it be like to live inside a rubick's cube?  


10/25/2013 (Friday)- Cheap Rental

The rooms are changing again.

Invisible giant hands at work each time.


The movements are never the same, no pattern to the madness.  I hear my neighbors screaming as they’re bounced around during another rotational shift.  I’m glad that the furniture in my room are screwed in, gives me something to grab onto.  Although it sucks when I suddenly find myself hanging from the ceiling, holding on to a chair…

I just had to get the flat that said low monthly rent with friendly, quiet neighbors.

Friendly?  Quiet?  Ha!  Oy… up again.

 Gotta hang on to that bloody chair.