Friday, October 25, 2013

Brother's Keeper: Fury

A really, really old 100 word story update.  It's actually my first 100 word story which started as a series between my friend and I which started 08/07/2011 and we just never finished, I'm going to be posting these up each night and will do my best to end it as well.

My writing has changed since then, I thought I'd let you all see where I started from.


*picture is originally from

1 Gravedigger:  Fury

      The night gives way to the fury of the storm. Wind howling, rain crashing, and lightning tearing the sky asunder- and through it all I dig.

      “The cemetery, get me what I need,” said the doctor handing me a list as if I were going to the grocer.

      I gather what the doctor needed leaving gaping holes where god-fearing men and women once slept. I’d do a good many evil thing to get back what I lost. I stare at the wagon filled with my soul’s damnation.

      I make my way through the muck, with God’s fury on my back.