Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Monday: Just a Fever, Middleman, Snake Oil

Sorry for slacking but I was down with a fever and a headache.  Still went to work even though I felt a bit shitty and sick.  Here is a Monday 100 story, and two old 100 stories.

Since I was sick I didn't get to focus on my Tuesday surprise, will spend all day to finish it up.  Enjoy the stories.

09/02/2013 (Monday)- Just a Fever

It’s nothing.  It is nothing- a mantra on repeat. 

I go through the motions of the day:  wash, dress, eat.  Distract myself from whatever is shouting for release inside my head. 

I pop a pill. 

“Are you alright?” they all asked me through the day. 

“Never better,” I lied with a ghost of a smile on my lips- an answer on repeat. 

It’s nothing.  It is nothing- a placebo for my mind as I take pill number two.  

I make it through the day, crawling back into bed. 

It’s nothing.  It is nothing- just fever mad voices inside my head.

7/13/2013 (Saturday)- Middleman

There’s a middleman between me and my writing.  He comes at times, most often in my dreams.  He never comes when I’m actually typing, or even when I’m writing into one of my notebooks. 

He comes when he wants, and leaves as quickly as he can. 

I find it funny.  There are times where I’ll catch his faint whisper just as I wake, the tail end of a story he was about to finish rudely interrupted by my waking. 

I left a note taped to my door for him. 

“Feel free to write it for me, I’m sleeping in.”

7/14/2013 (Sunday)-  Snake Oil

Take it from me, laddie.  I’m an expert, I am, of things: curious, mysterious, cryptic, archaic, and mystic!  I can pull the devil out of yer toothache, leech the sin from yer blood, and expel the infected fumes from yer lungs. 

Safe?  O’course yer safe!  Trained by the best I am, the miracles of Jesus are no match to these wondrous hands of mine!  Now sit, sit and tell Good Ole Doc what be ailing ye. 
What?  In for a headache? 

Ah.  Well.  That’s easy to fix.  Now just lie back, I’ll be back with my axe in a bit.