Thursday, July 25, 2013

Monopoly Rules: The First Step...

... is a blank page.  

It's one of the best advice I've received in regards to starting out stories, and I believe one of the shortest as well.  I have a feeling that he stated that merely to have me stop badgering him in regards to starting up a blog.  I'll post my daydreams, flash fiction, and musings here for anyone to read.  This is my way of reaching out to everyone, as a writer.  

*edit (11/27/2013)

updating the first of my many posts to this blog with a picture to go with it (finally found one that fits it).  Decided to give it a little love as well, since I never did share this originally.  

Fun facts: 

1)  Keep a monopoly board open and follow the dice rolls.  
2)  I didn't know that rolling three doubles was an actual rule, I thought my little cousin was lying to me.  (So I ignored him.  Older sibling rules apply even to cousins)
3)  "Thou shalt not kill" is actually the sixth commandment in certain theological texts.  

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Monopoly Rules

            I roll the dice.  Snake eyes.  As I walk past Mediterranean Avenue, I can’t help but think how ghetto the place has become.  All I see around me is the color Purple.  I guess it’s not their fault that this is their lot in life.  They rolled the dice just like me. 

            Two Four’s.  I visit an Uncle in Jail.  Embezzlement.  He was framed he says.  He tells me a name, and makes me promise.  I promise.

            Two Sixes.  I’m back Dear Uncle.  No, I’ll be on the row don’t think I’ll see you there.  Yes, I kept the promise.